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We are ready to share our secrets with those who are passionately curious about jewelry!  


Join the classes at the atelier.

Narrate your own stories with the help of gems and stones.


When I first started attending the course my goal was to fill up my spare time and save myself from loneliness. I picked Şenay Akın Atelier on the internet just by pure luck and paid a visit. I got attracted to those positive vibes floating in the air as we worked in the room. It has been a long time since that beautiful day in February 2011 and I have come a real long way thanks to the support of dear Şenay.


People say that goldsmithing is a matter of patience. When that tiny piece you have been working on for the past two months finally becomes smooth and your dear teacher tells you “it is ready, you can move on to the polishing”, then you get the true essence of patience.


Those who have become regulars at the atelier know; there is a rule: You will do everything from A to Z by yourself. The teacher only teaches the technique and the way you should put it into practice; s/he never starts and finishes the work for you. This rule helps build an amazing form of confidence in you. I owe my ability to see this practice as a profession and my courage to open an atelier myself to this very special sense of confidence, and last but not the least, to my dear tutor.


Dear Şenay, you know my notebook. I keep it as a treasure. Although I was not too aware at the time, I have taken notes of some of your most valuable instructions and comments. There are also bits of your own drawings and sketches. I am so glad that I have written it all; every time I flip through the pages I go back to my fond memories, I revisit all the knowledge that has accumualted in time and I remember you..


Pegah Moshfeghi

One of the first things that I learnt from the atelier about two years ago (when I was struggling with a pretty hectic job) was to slow down. It is only when you actually slow down that you start to learn, focus and create original works. Of course, this plan will only work out with the support of a well-equipped guide. At the end of all those classes whereby Şenay patiently and meticulously explains how and why we are doing what we are doing, and directs us to focusing on our design works, you will say “I am so glad that I have been here” - especially after you see your own creations and share them with others! In the company of lovely conversations and beautiful noises filling the atelier, you never know how the time goes by; it almost stops! The space is fabuluous, the atmosphere fantastic; if you also like tea, you must pay a visit to the atelier!


Selin Aydın

As an architect I was searching for something new to further develop my design skills. I was lucky to find Senay Akin’s atelier. It is located in the historical part of Istanbul nearby the main attractions. We are working in small groups so Senay can teach very efficiently, explaining the design process through various exercises and personal projects resulting in unique pieces of jewellery. At the moment I am finishing a ring which is very exciting as it is architecture in small scale. I started with a wax models, after casting I will finalize the design by polishing the object giving it the final touch. Through the workflow I am learning how to use various tools and techniques to produce what I have envisioned.

Miroslava Andric

Hi, my name is Ayşe.. I am an architect and I love to design things.. At the start it all seemed quite costly. Yet, our dearest tutor led us to the best and most convenient of all casting company, stone-seller, supplier. She does not sit and do the job for you, she carefully instructs. Her priority is for us to learn; she keeps a constant eye on what we are doing. Everything needs to be done meticulously, this is the first rule of the atelier. I realized the importance of this fundamental rule much later. If one so wills, goldsmithing can become both art and craft.


Courses at the Şenay Akın Atelier are fun, tiring and relaxing all at the same time. Like a clock-master, or a calligrapher, you work under the light with your eyes fixed on the silver, and your hands on the file, saw, or soldering torch. You work. At the end of a day when an idea of yours slowly finds its own shape, a smile appears on your face. With the sound of music, the noise of all the tools, the flowers in the window and little beautiful suprises, the atelier is a wonderful learning spot that I strongly recommend to anyone. I was a regular at this spot for two good years. You get your own workbench and your tools become complete in time. From this moment on, everyone starts to speak his/her own sense of design. Eventually I started a blog where I could publish and share my very own pieces. Then one day I e-mailed IKSV and asked them to check my blog to see whether they would be interested in my works. The response was positive and I ended up selling some of my own designworks at their shop. I will never forget the day; I had jumped up and down with joy as though I had won a competition! Later I also sold some of my pieces on the Midnight Express. Although currently I don’t have time for anyhting other than architecture, I still make jewelry for friends upon demand. Anything is possible, if you show the will. Lots of love and regards to my dear tutor Şenay, who taught me so much..


Ayşe Ağaoğlu

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