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"My job is to create symbols. I shape the metal into tangible symbols of love.

I imagine and create the rings that symbolize the moment when you took an oath to walk that long path; the earrings that help you remember a beautiful birthday celebration; the silver spoon which marks the very first day you were born... There are the ways in which metal takes the form of love.

Bespoke creations, specially made for you..."


Şenay Akın

Bespoke Creations

We will meet up so that I can get to know you, your style and needs. We will talk about forms and materials, think together on our budget. Then me and my team will go back to our atelier to spend some time on design and modelling. Later, we will meet again for a fitting session. Finally we will hand you your bespoke piece so that it can accompany you in a life-long journey...


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Samples of Bespoke Creations

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